Employment Rights Winners from Substitute Candidates of 4/B (Announcement dated 20.11.2023)

Date: May 8 2024 9:03AM
Update Date: May 8 2024 3:12PM

Important Note: Among the candidates who applied for the 4/B Contracted Personnel recruitment announced by our university on 20.11.2023, those who are entitled to employment as Substitute Candidates, whether announced as Principal or on our university's website, and who have submitted the necessary documents to start their duties, but wish to waive their placement right due to reasons such as being placed elsewhere by another institution, etc., and who have not informed our university about their waiver, are required to fill out and sign the attached WAIVER PETITION, and send a signed copy of it in jpeg or pdf format to the email address personel@cbu.edu.tr. There is no need for substitute candidates who have not submitted their documents to send a waiver petition.

Application Method / Place / Deadline for Substitute Candidates:

According to the recruitment results of Contracted Personnel to be employed in accordance with Article 4/B of Law No. 657 dated 20.11.2023, those who did not apply within the specified period or waived their placement right will be replaced by substitute candidates whose placement right has arisen, as listed below. Substitute candidates whose names are mentioned as having earned the right to placement in the list announced below are required to apply in person (or by a proxy with a notarized power of attorney) to the Personnel Department of Manisa Celal Bayar University Rectorate by the end of business hours on Monday, 13.05.2024, along with the requested documents. Candidates who do not apply within the specified period will be deemed to have waived their rights.

Candidates who submit the required documents in full will undergo Archive Research in accordance with Article 3/(1) of Law No. 7315 published in the Official Gazette dated 17.04.2021 and numbered 31457, which states: "Archive research shall be conducted for those who will be appointed to public office or public service for the first time or again, regardless of their status and employment method." Following a positive outcome of the Archive Research, candidates will be notified to sign their service contracts and start their duties within the timeline determined.

From among the substitute candidates announced; those who do not apply by the end of the application period, apply and later waive their rights, are found not to meet the announced conditions, or whose archive research yields negative results, until the positions specified for each qualification code in the announcement are filled, placement will be made from the next substitute candidates according to the announced results. In case of transitioning to substitute candidates, an announcement regarding the substitute candidate list entitled to placement will be made through our university's website www.mcbu.edu.tr.

Since this announcement is of a notification nature, no separate notifications will be made to the concerned parties.

Required Documents from Candidates Entitled to Placement:

1-) Application Letter (to be filled out using the attached form)

2-) Graduation certificate (digitally signed graduation certificate obtained via e-Government portal or photocopy of diploma)

3-) Health board report from fully-equipped hospitals indicating no impediment to working in the position. (E.g., Health board report stating "Can work as Support Personnel (Cleaning, Distribution, and Transportation)" or "Can work as a Nurse.") (NOTE: As the Health Board Report procedures may take a long time, candidates can submit the requested health board report at the application stage by filling out the Health Status Declaration Form attached, to be submitted before signing the service contract and starting duty.)

4-) Criminal Record Certificate (obtained digitally with a barcode via e-Government portal)

5-) Military Status Certificate for male candidates (Those who have completed their military service will submit their discharge documents indicating the dates and status of their service. Those whose military service is postponed/exempted can submit the military status certificate obtained via e-Government portal)

6-) Property Disclosure Form (Both pages of the form attached will be filled out and signed by the candidate)

7-) 6 (six) passport-sized photographs.

8-) Photocopy of ID card or Identity Card

9-) Social Security Institution (SGK) approved service record of previously employed candidates (can be obtained in barcode format via e-Government portal)

10-) If the candidate has previously worked in Public Institutions, a service certificate will be obtained from the institution where he/she worked.

Note: As known, according to Article 4/B of Law No. 657 on Civil Servants, "Those employed in this way cannot be employed in contracted personnel positions of institutions until one year has passed from the date of termination of their contract by the institutions due to acting against the principles of the service contract or unilaterally terminating the contract within the contract period, except for the exceptions determined by the President by decree."

Application Deadline for Substitute Candidates: 13.05.2024 (until the end of business hours)

Address: Manisa Celal Bayar University Rectorate Personnel Department

Şehit Prof. Dr. İlhan Varank Campus 45140 Yunusemre/Manisa

Tel: 0(236) 201 10 00

Website: www.mcbu.edu.tr

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