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Our name: Statesperson Celal Bayar

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Celal Bayar (President of The Republic of Türkiye)

Celal Bayar who accomplished his goals in life against all odds thanks to his virtues such as intelligence, will and determination has been a prominent figure in our recent history and thus inspired the generations succeeding him.

Apart from his success as an economist and a bureaucrat, Celal Bayar has always been praised with his deeds throughout the period of the organization of resistance and then the war of independence. He also played an important role in our transition to multi-party system. Celal Bayar, Atatürk's last prime minister, and the first civil president of The Republic of Türkiye was born in the village of Umurbey, Bursa, in 1883. After his primary and secondary education he began working as a civil servant in areas like justice, banking and stage direction. After the declaration of The Second Constitutional Monarchy in 1908, he joined the İttihat ve Terakki movement. He became the secretary general of it in the bureau of İzmir. In 1920, Celal Bayar first became a member of the parliament, then, vicariously appointed as the minister of finance. During the Çerkez Ethem mutiny, he was the chair of the committee which was sent to Çerkez Ethem to persuade him. In the last ottoman parliament he was again a Member of the Parliament, this time representing Saruhan. In the time of the struggle of independence, under the name of 'Galip Hoca', he organized the community of Bursa against enemy invasion. In 1921, he was appointed the minister of finance. He attended treaty of Lozan as a consultant.

In 1924 he became one of the founders of İş Bankası. In 1937 he was appointed the 14th prime minister of the Republic of Türkiye by Atatürk, and formed his cabinet. He was a member of CHP until 1945 when he and three of his friends, Adnan Menderes, Refik Koraltan, Fuat Köprülü, declared a memorandum and left the party to form Democrat Party which he became the chairman.

In the general election of 1950, democrat party won the elections by far and on 22nd May 1950 the new parliament elected him as the new president of the Republic of Türkiye.

Love of Atatürk and loyalty to him is a distinctive feature of Celal Bayar. In his government program which was presented on 8th November 1937, Atatürk was referred to 44 times. His words in the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1953 are very succinct: You were ours. Some wanted you to be the monarch, some the caliph. You declined them all and chose the way of national will. You dedicated your self and life to the service of your people. You were endowed with characteristics which Turks have always admired. With all these qualities, you were 'the Turk' yourself.

Our great nation showed its faithfulness by giving the name of this distinct statesman to a university founded on 11 July 1992.

Celal Bayar who contributed greatly to the well being of our nation and state will always be remembered with respect he deserves.

With all kinds of technologic equipment, in a modern and democratic atmosphere, student-centered education is given at Manisa Celal Bayar University; our students participate in social and cultural activities and have a chance to express themselves.

"We have our strength 
from science and
natural sciences,
and progress accordingly."
M. Kemal Atatürk
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