Administrative Committee
 PresidentProf. Dr. Rana KİBARRector
 MembersProf. Dr. Artuner DEVECİDean of the Faculty of Medicine
 Prof. Dr. Cüneyt Yenal KESBİÇDean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative
 Prof. Dr. Ahmet TÜRKDean of the Faculty of Engineering
 Prof. Dr. Ayşe İLKERDean of the Faculty of Science and Letters
 Prof. Dr. Fatma ŞAŞMAZ ÖRENDean of the Faculty of Education
 Prof. Dr. Murat TAŞDean of the Faculty of Sports Sciences
 Prof. Dr. Seyhun KÜRŞATDean of the Faculty of Healty Sciences
 Prof. Dr. Ali DEMİRDean of Hasan Ferdi Turgutlu Technology Faculty
 Prof. Dr. Mustafa HOCAOĞLUDean of Faulty of Theology
 Prof. Dr. Hatice YURTSEVERDean of Faculty of Business Administration
 Prof. Dr. Oğuz DİLMAÇDean of Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture
 Prof. Dr. Oktay ÜÇERDean of Faculty of Dentistry 
 Prof. Dr. Osman Murat KOÇTÜRKDean of the Salihli Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
 Prof. Dr. Serhat BAŞTANDean of Faculty of Communication
 Prof. Dr. Tülin CANBAYDean of Faculty of Applied Sciences
 Prof. Dr. Dilek ERGİNFaculty of Healty Sciences, (Associate)
 Prof. Dr. Kamil ŞİRİNFaculty of Science and Letters (Associate)
 Prof. Dr. Yüksel ABALIFaculty of Science and Letters (Associate)
 ReporterLecturer Erhan DOĞANUniversity Secretary
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