Statement of Support from the Rectorate of Manisa Celal Bayar University for Muslims in Gaza Facing Oppression

Date: May 6 2024 8:14PM
Update: May 7 2024 11:20AM

The Rectorate of Manisa Celal Bayar University organized a press release to show support for Muslims suffering from atrocities in Gaza and in various parts of the world. In the statement, Rector Prof. Dr. Rana Kibar condemned the inhumane attacks in Gaza, expressing solidarity with the Palestinians and emphasizing that they will not remain silent against any form of inhumane treatment.

The press release, held at the Martyr Prof. Dr. İlhan Varank Campus-Recreation Area, was attended by Manisa Governor Enver Ünlü and his wife Sema Ünlü, Manisa Celal Bayar University Rector Prof. Dr. Rana Kibar, Manisa Deputy Governor Erhan Günay, Manisa Provincial Director of National Education Mehmet Uğurelli, protocol members, academics, and students.

Rector Prof. Dr. Rana Kibar, expressing solidarity with the people of Palestine and their struggle for justice, stated:

“Since its establishment, Israel has ignored all legal norms, humanitarian, and moral values ??and has caused destruction and drama in the Middle East many times. Unfortunately, despite the common humanitarian values, principles, and norms established in the 21st century, we witness once again in front of the eyes of the whole world another humanitarian tragedy.

We mourn and lament like any conscientious human being in the face of the killing of more than 35,000 civilian citizens, including 15,000 children and 10,000 women, in the Israeli attacks that began in October and have been ongoing for 7 months. We have no doubt that the processes we are going through will be seen as one of the darkest stains in the history of Humanity and will be cursed.

The silence of world states against Israel's oppression, and moreover, adopting policies that support massacres, has turned into a mental eclipse. Certainly, the two-faced attitude of the West is not new to us. We have always seen and experienced the hypocrisy of the so-called civilized West when it comes to Muslim bloodshed in East Turkestan, Arakan, Hocalı, Bosnia, Cyprus, and other places. However, the savagery displayed by Israel's attacks and the emerging picture of genocide have been so severe that it has drawn the reaction of citizens from various backgrounds who share similar conscience, despite their different religions, languages, or races.

Westerners, who have lost hope in their own governments, have begun to express their reactions to Israel's atrocities and have begun to express their reactions to their own countries by individual actions. The hypocrisy of the so-called civilized West, which has remained silent in the face of genocide for the sake of its interests, has been observed not only in remaining silent but also in the intolerance towards their own citizens who have shown individual reactions.

The pressure and violence against American students who react to the Zionism-oriented savagery have ensured that this situation is seen by people all over the world. In the early months of Israel's massacres, many university administrators, including the Rectors of Harvard and MIT Universities, who did not want to put chains on their students' consciences and granted their students the freedom of expression, were dismissed from their duties, and the universities were attempted to be silenced. As the savagery and oppression of Israel increased, so did the consciences, and the pressure from the United States was not enough to silence the students. As in many countries around the world, students in the United States who did not want to remain silent in the face of genocide expressed their reactions in many universities within the framework of individual thought and freedom of expression.

However, the Zionist administrations were disturbed by this honorable and conscientious stance of the students and the use of freedom of expression, too. Many campuses in the USA have begun to be occupied by police officers. In the last 3 weeks, more than 2000 academics and students have been subjected to violence and heavy penalties like serious criminals by using disproportionate force.

As the MCBU family, we cannot accept this process, we reject it with all our belief, and we appeal to the US and Israeli governments;

"See that you are not only killing innocent civilians in Gaza, but also humanity's conscience, honor, universal law, human rights, civilization values, and norms, and stop this oppression now! "Silence in the Face of Injustice is Consent to Oppression" We once again clearly declare that we are against this oppression by the US and Israeli Administrations with all our power and determination by adopting the motto. We invite all universities in the World, especially Turkish Universities, to stand up and protest against this genocide and the irrational pressure on universities.”

Governor of Manisa Enver Ünlü, in his statement, said, “Palestine has become a place where the most violent brutality has been experienced for more than half a century. Gaza is the region most affected by this brutality. Unfortunately, the world public opinion has become deaf, blind, and mute in the face of this brutality. The most severe reaction to the events in Gaza and other human dramas both domestically and abroad has once again come from our noble nation and state.

These tragic events, in which innocent women and children have lost their lives due to persecution, have deeply wounded the conscience of every human being who has reached the consciousness of being human. The address of the persecution suffered by people because of their differences is not only Gaza. Our nation has always been the follower of great causes, not small accounts, since its existence on the stage of history. From the steppes of Central Asia to the gates of Vienna, from the slopes of Kiev to North Africa, from Hejaz in short, from three continents to seven climates, they have brought justice, peace, and tranquility.

We, who accept people as equal regardless of their religion, language, race, or affiliation with the principle of "Accept the Created for the Creator's Sake," wish for the genocide and oppression that have been going on on earth, especially in East Turkestan, Gaza, and Arakan, to end as soon as possible. In this way, I wish mercy from Allah for our brethren and relatives who lost their lives and urgent healing for the wounded. I thank those who organized this program to create awareness.”

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